Nordic Trip: Day 14. Fredericksburg Slot Denmark


Alright, today we are going to visit the two famous castle in Denmark and Scandinavia which are Frederiksborg Castle aka Fredericksburg Slot and Kronborg aka Hamlet’s Castle.

Frederiksborg Castle aka Fredericksburg Slot
We took a train from Copenhagen Central station and stop at Hillerød station. From there you either walk or take bus 350 and stop near Frederiksborg Castle.

Frederiksborg Castle is the largest Renaissance Castle in Scandinavia. The castle was built by King Christian IV in the early decades of the 17th century.

Since 1878, Frederiksborg Castle has housed the Museum of National History. A tour through the museum is a tour through 500 years of Danish history illustrated by portraits, history paintings, furniture and decorative art.

Hall Gallery in Frederiksborg Castle

I must say this castle is the most impressive castle I’ve seen so far. It’s huge and have a large garden as well. Love the artwork and craftsmanship. My favorite photo shot is at Hall Gallery. It feel so grand and historical to stand inside the hall. There are portraits of their Kings and Queens as well.

Due to our tight schedule, we didn’t manage to visit all the rooms and have to give the garden a miss. I would recommend you to plan for a day trip to Hillerød. Aside from the historical castle, it’s a nice town to walk.

Krongborg Castle
We can take any bus at the opposite road back to Hillerød train station. From the train station, we took another train to Helsingør.

Kornborg Castle
Danish Pork Burger

First thing we did when we reach there is to feed ourself. Since we were in a rush and tired, we pick the first restaurant that we see. Little do we know, we had the best meal in Denmark. We had pork burger. The portion is just nice and the roasted pork is simply amazing. The waitress is very friendly and was laughing most of the time, especially when we start taking pictures of food and ourselves. We left the place happily and satisfied.

It was about 15 to 20 minutes walk from the train station to Kornborg Castle along The Royal Quay. You can see the castle from far as well. It’s like so near, yet so far. We skim through the Culture Yard which houses library, cafe and events hall. There is also an underground Museum called Mseet for Sofart which we didn’t have the time to go in.

Kornborg Castle is relative smaller and less fancy compared to Frederiksborg Castle. It’s one of the world heritage site due to its rich history. The view at the tower is nice and windy. Coincidently there is some air jet flying around that time. You can see the nice blue trail in the picture posted here.

Carlsberg Brewery

Collections of Beer Bottles at Carlsberg

Then we rush back to the city to visit Carlsberg Brewery before it closes. We took a shuttle bus in front of Radisson Hotel and reach the place 30 minutes before closure. The receptionist was kind and advise us to grab our free beers and souvenirs before going to the exhibition hall. We did as advise and drank as fast as we could. I tried Tudor Classic and it was nice. I like the display of the beers bottles in racks.

In my opinion, Guinness Brewery in Ireland gives me better experience. It’s bigger, has more varieties of souvenirs and guinness stout taste better with Irish fresh water.

Initially, we thought of taking the shuttle bus to return to city. After walking around the brewery, we realised that the Carlsbery train station is just 5 minutes walk away. Without much thought, we ran to catch the train in hope to get to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek before it closes.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Mummies at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Mummies at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

It was about 10 to 15 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station. We were lucky that we manage to reach there 30 minutes before closing. We zoom into the sculptures, mummies and paintings area. It was a rush and fortunately get to have close up photo with one of the Van Gogh painting – Wheat Field of Cypresses. We could have missed it if we didn’t ask the guard on what’s special about that painting.

The Tower
While walking to Hyvan, we saw few people queuing at Christiansborg Palace. Due to curiosity, we walk to the queuing in hope that the palace is open for visitor. We could still use our Copenhagen card. Then we realised that the queue is to The Tower and it’s free of charge. You have to take two lifts to the Tower. At the tower, you get to see Copenhagen city in 360 degree and also the bridge that connects to Norway. Somehow, I like the design of the power plant. It’s kinda cool and futuristic.


Chain of Locks at Hyvan
Chain of Locks at Hyvan

From there, we head to Hyvan for dinner. The colorful house is similar to Bryggen except that it filled with restaurants and people. It was interesting to see chain of locks at the rail of the bridge. Reminds me of Korea though I have not been there. From what I know, that’s one of the interesting thing to do in Korea.

My travel mate almost get pick pocketed. She felt a pull on her bag and she quickly pull her bag to her front and noticed that the zip was half opened. Fortunately, nothing was stolen. We settle at a restaurant with a special price offer of Danish pork. We tried fried pork this time. It was kinda hard to chew as it’s hard and not as crispy as we imagine. The indoor seating was full and we have to settle with outdoor seating. It’s good that the restaurant provides blanket to ensure the comfort of their guests.

That wraps up our trip for the day.

Time flies and we will be heading home late noon.