Nordic Trip: Day 15. Little Mermaid Sculpture Copenhagen

Little Mermaid

Today is our last day and our journey is to Little Mermaid Sculpture at the edge of Copenhagen before we head back to Kuala Lumpur.  All packed up and put our luggages into self-service lockers. The lockers does not accept credit card. You have to use coins and it cost you DEK20 for 3 hours storage per locker. Thus, I would suggest that you bring some cash if you plan to stay there and keep your luggages in Urban House Copenhagen.

City sights

Inside of Danish Parliament
Inside of Danish Parliament

It was raining lightly that morning. Our first stop was Danish Parliament. It’s kinda cool that you can walk into the Parliament without escort or tight security check. I wonder if they still use this place for official meetings.

Then we stroll to Børsen (Slotsholmsgade) which is Denmark’s Stock Exchange building. The significant part about this building is its spiral roof.

This time, we walk along the river and able to see Christianshavn town opposite the City. You can see interesting architecture of Danish Architecture Center. Tempted to cross over the bridge to check out the place. However, due to time constraint, we can only manage to enjoy the scenery from far. Based on our research and review about this place, we were told that it’s best to go with a friend and in day time. The residents in Christianshvan can be complicated.

The Little Mermaid Sculpture Copenhagen

The LIttle Mermaid
The LIttle Mermaid

Then we walk pass Nyhavn and reached Amalienborgmuseet for photo shooting opportunities. From there we head north to catch the Little Mermaid statue. Yes, the Little Mermaid statue is rather small as commented by other reviews and bloggers. I must say, it is just a life size statue. It looks like a young lady and looking rather sad. In the original story, it doesn’t have a good ending * sob * sob *. Coincidently there were a group of tourists visiting the mermaid at the same time and we have to queue to have unobstructed photo shoot with the mermaid.

After that, we head straight to the shopping street – Strøget. When we reached Strøget, there was a gathering of huge dogs and their owners. Sorry, I am not sure what’s the breed of the dog. It’s so huge that it can be bigger than any of us. Do let me know if you know the breed.

Then we walk along the street and doing our last souvenirs hunting. There is one shop opposite of Pandora that sells the cheapest souvenirs along this street. I went to check out the accessories in Pandora and was looking for a good deal since Pandora is a Danish’s product. To my dismay, I couldn’t find any. I wonder, why do people like Pandora so much…. hmmm…

I wish I have more time to enjoy the window shopping, people watching or just soak myself with the environment here. Before we head back to hostel, I managed to try Danish hotdog. It was DEK40 as i picked the hotdog wrapped with bacon. I must say, it was yummy. Oh yah, this stall does not accept credit card. My friend reluctant to try as she doesn’t want to break her notes.

Goodbye Denmark!
We managed to rush back to hostel before the 3 hours expired. LOL. We took a train to airport from Copenhagen Central Station. When we reached there, it was packed with people and we have to navigate to another Terminal to check-in. The shocking fact about this airport is that, the queue to scan your luggage is the same between domestic and international departure. Oh man! I can’t believe this. International flights’ passengers will need more lead time than those travelling domestics.

My friend and I were so attracted with the window shopping at the airport that we overlooked that we need to go through Immigration in order to checkout from Europe. It didn’t crossed our mind because we have been passing through countries and cities without going through Immigration since we left Sweden. It was less than 25 minutes left when we manage to go through the immigration and we were kinda panic. The boarding gate will close any time. We run as fast as we could to reach the boarding gate which is the furthest away. OMG!

When we reached at the boarding gate, we were informed that our flight was delayed. A mixed feeling of relieved and sad. Relieved that we didn’t miss the flight. Sad that, we were delayed from reaching home.

Our transit flight to Dubai was delayed for 2 hours and we were given food voucher to be redeemed at the airport’s restaurant. We spend it all at a sushi bar 🙂

When we reached Dubai, we still need to wait for the connecting flight as the transit time was over 5 hours which is a good thing to accommodate the possible delay time. It seemed that Dubai International Airport is a super busy airport and flight delay is common. I heard that work is in progress to build additional terminal to accommodate the increased of flights stop overs.

My recommendations to you is to have at least more than 3 hours transit time in Dubai Airport so that you have some buffer for flight delay *touch wood*

Our flight back to Kuala Lumpur was smooth and we are so glad to be home 🙂 . Nevertheless, it was a good and smooth trip despite the rain and winds.